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Working groups and workshops provide a venue for the exchange and presentation of new methods, research, developments and applications on a topic related to Human-Computer Interaction in a broad sense. Whether it is an existing AFIHM working group, or a group of people wishing to organise a workshop on a particular topic, these sessions represent an opportunity to make advances in a specific area, and foster the development of communities of like-minded people.

As in the previous two years, IHM offers the possibility for industry to organise workshops to train the HCI community in the use of their tools. This is in addition to the opportunity to run a demo stand at the demo night, and provides a platform for in-depth discussion of the tools presented.

Workshops & Workgroups

IHM et Explicabilité en intelligence artificielle

ERGO’IA 2022 : L'Avenir de l'Humain dans les Systèmes Sociotechniques du Futur

Expérience Utilisateur de l'Interaction Multi-Sensorielle

Outils et méthodes pour le design sonore d’IHMs

      IHM pour l'Éducation - Canceled


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      The HMI 2022 conference will take place in Namur, unless the health situation deteriorates.


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