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The submission dates for the scientific papers are fixed on:

  • October 8, 2021: Abstracts with keywords
  • October 15, 2021: Full version
  • November 19-26, 2021: Rebuttal period
  • December 10, 2021: Notifications to authors

All topics on Human-Computer Interaction are admitted. This year, the special theme of the conference is Artificial Intelligence aiming to promote research at the intersection of HCI, AI, robotics and cognitive sciences.

Publishing process

As most ACM conferences now, we are adopting the ACM Publication System (TAPS) with the new submission and publication format. Two-column PDF articles will still be published on the ACM DL (Digital Library), but they will be accompanied by a version in responsive HTML format that can be adapted to the various terminal screen sizes used today.

To do so, the submission for evaluation of the article must respect a single column layout (according to the Word and LaTeX templates provided). Authors must submit the PDF on PCS (in single-column format). It should be noted that the Word template poses various processing difficulties and that the LaTeX format is MORE THAN ENCOURAGED.

Once accepted, authors must submit the PDF and sources of the final version of the article on PCS, again in single-column format. The files will then be transformed with TAPS to obtain publishable versions (two-column PDF and responsive HTML). Authors are encouraged to check the automatic two-column layout of their article before submission (see next paragraph). Authors will nevertheless receive a message to check the layout and may request modifications if necessary.

Authors can test the transformation of their article from one to two columns to anticipate the final layout. This two-column version produced by authors is for testing purposes only and should not be submitted. We hope that the PDF produced by TAPS will be close, but cannot guarantee that the PDF generated by TAPS will be exactly the same. To do so, authors using LaTeX will be able to choose the documentclass line (which, depending on the language used, is located at the beginning of the article-main-en.tex or article-main-fr.tex file) corresponding to the desired format. Authors using Word will have to follow the procedure to apply the two-column format. In order to prevent possible problems, remember to make a backup of your file beforehand. (Tip: to make the styles appear in the margin of the draft mode: File > Option > Advanced Options > Display > Width of the style area pane: indicate 2 cm or 3 cm for example).

Authors using LaTeX should restrict packages to those in this list: They can also use the utility to obtain a minimal archive containing only the files useful for compilation.

The publishable version will be deposited as a zip archive containing three subdirectories (See point 7 of Taps best practices):

  • pdf : the PDF of the article (optional);
  • source: the DOCX file or the TEX file with all the resources and files to compile;
  • supplements: additional files for web publication (MP4 video, PPTX slides, PTX poster, JPG thumbnail,… and a readme.txt file to explain what each file is for) that will not appear in the PDF (optional).

Exceptional circumstances: authors who had already written their paper in Word using the two-column format may wait for the acceptance notification before switching to the single-column format (and preferably LaTeX if possible). The article must then respect a limit of between 6 and 16 pages on two columns.


Q: What figure size should I use in the single column submission?

A: Authors should use figures in the single-column submission that are equal in size to those that will appear in the final two-column publication. The figures in the final one-column publication (0.5 page wide) should appear as 0.5 page wide figures in the submission, leaving 0.5 page space blank. One-page wide figures in the final publication should appear as one-page wide figures in the submission.


Submissions should follow the following format and remain anonymous:

The proposed templates are currently not compatible with TAPS and are therefore provisional. A request has been made to ACM to correct this problem. If necessary, a new version will be made available in due course.

Submission procedure

Submissions of scientific papers through PCS system only.

The HMI 2022 conference will take place in Namur, unless the health situation deteriorates.


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