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Industrial R&D is the logical continuation of academic research. It transforms it, in order to comply with numerous operational constraints not found in laboratories; it adapts it, thanks to a solid foundation of development and testing, to arrive at a finished product.
The objective of the industrial papers is to communicate the lessons learned from the implementation of interactive systems based on academic research results, including

  • The integration of research results into the development of industrial solutions, whether they are internal tools, products, processes, services ;
  • The presentation of end-user feedback, which is often difficult to implement in the laboratory.

The industrial papers aim to provide pragmatic feedback on the implementation of HMI advances and information technologies in general, in production environments, where commercial products and real users are offered innovations resulting from research. We do not expect particularly original or innovative contributions, but rather documented feedback and lessons learned, whether on the technological, organizational and commercial levels, or on the appropriation of the proposed solutions by users.


  • Submission date: Sunday, January 30, 2022 (23h59 AOE)
    • Title, athors and abstract: Sunday January 30th 2022
    • Final articles: Monday February 7th 2022 (23h59 AOE)
  • Sending reviews to authors: Friday, February 25, 2022
  • Submission date for final version: Monday, March 14, 2022

Instructions to Authors

Submission Procedure

Authors should submit an anonymous 4-6 page paper in "Extended Abstract" format (references are not included in this count).

Accepted papers will be published in the HAL open archives under a "Creative Commons" license and will benefit from an oral presentation at the IHM conference (details to be defined later)

Authors should send their submissions by email to the following address:

  • Submission of papers 1st version: authors should send the pdf of their paper to the above address.
  • Final submissions: authors should send a zip file containing :
    • pdf: the PDF of the article (optional);
    • source: the DOCX or TEX file with all the resources and files to be compiled;
    • Additional resources can be sent in the zip or through download links (WeTransfer...)

Review Process

Submissions will undergo a non-anonymous and light review process by recognized researchers and practitioners, focusing on the quality of the approach followed and the description of the feedback obtained.

These articles are not expected to make a real scientific contribution, but rather to present applications, feedback, etc. of scientific problems and solutions in an industrial context.

Any overtly commercial content (brochure, product presentation...) is forbidden (but can be the subject of a stand at the demo night, see below)

Submission format

Authors should submit an anonymous 4 to 6 page paper in "Extended Abstract" format (references are not included in this count). Industry papers will be published in HAL; for consistency with the rest of the conference, we ask authors to follow the ACM template provided.

Like most ACM conferences now, we are adopting the ACM Publication System (TAPS) with the new submission and publication format. To do this, the submission for paper review must follow a single column layout (according to the Word and LaTeX templates provided). Authors should submit the PDF to the email address Note that the Word template poses various processing difficulties and that the LaTeX format is more than encouraged.


Submissions should follow the following format:

Presentation and Conference Participation

Accepted submissions will result in a presentation, the final format of which will be communicated to you at a later date (generally 10 to 15 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of questions).

All submissions constitute a commitment to present the paper if accepted. Please note that all participants, including those presenting a paper, will be required to pay the conference registration fee.


We encourage authors to prepare a demonstration of their work if they wish. For this, we invite you to submit (in addition to your industrial paper) your demo (one to two page paper presenting your demo) in the appropriate category (link).

Please note that the deadline for demos is January 18 February 1st, 2022.

Commercial booths

Companies wishing to sponsor the conference and/or propose a commercial stand during the event "La nuit des démo", gathering all the actors of the conference.

Please contact Mr. Bruno Dumas for any request in this regard -


Alexis Clay - CEO Immersalis, ESTIA associate researcher -

Nicolas Debue - CEO Feelin -

The HMI 2022 conference will take place in Namur, unless the health situation deteriorates.


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